Monday, 14 June 2010

Tank Magazine Interviews Gabriella Marina Gonzalez

Snippet from the interview:

IB: So how did you find interaction with PR’s and deciding who was right to represent you?

GMG: I was interested and looking around for a bit, but I decided that I could do it on my own. Machine A had a big helping hand in it. We had the agreement that anyone could come in and buy one of my pieces and I would then make for them. They had my only samples, so if a magazine was interested in them, they would have to borrow them from the shop.Then Rachel Freire used my shoes for her Vauxhall Fashion scout show. Through that Becc from Bloody Grey approached me. Now she represents me and I have no complaints; she completely understands where I am coming from.

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Friday, 11 June 2010

Bloody Gray presents KUMIKO WATARI - Migh T

Bloody Gray presents new client,
Migh-T by Kumiko Watari – SPACE SWEETS

Raised in Osaka, Japan, Kumiko Watari studied traditional Japanese methods in 2D and 3D forms at Kyoto City University of Arts, earning her BA and MA levels.
In 2005, Kumiko relocated to London to study at Central Saint Martin’s College MA Fashion course. Her traditional technical background and artistic perspective gave Kumiko an individual style, which she developed to produce unique hand drawn prints with a love of storytelling - creating clothes with a strong character and humorous narrative that very much sums her up as the individual she is.
The new A/W 10 collection entitled “Space Sweets” features giant sweet objects orbiting space on classic shapes and beautifully tailored new pattern T-shirts and cotton blend dress and skirt styles.
Additionally, Kumi presents an adorably delicious knitted accessories range including doughnut capes, shooting star/whip cream pure silk scarves and knitted cupcake berets, good enough to eat.
The prints showing doughnut meteors and whipped cream comets represent the massive freedom of childhood playfulness. The designs use different scales to show that there is no limit to your imagination. From doughnuts soaring through the Milky Way, to constellations showing faces in the sky, anything is possible.
This lovely little designer is fastly becoming well known and celebrated for her distinctly unique aesthetic. Her well refined perfectionism and consistency with all she presents is marking her a fine reputation amongst fans and followers worldwide.