Friday, 21 January 2011

'5 Things Every Designer Should Know'

Becc Gray (bloodygrayPR) was recently interviewed by BLOW PR for a new regular feature quizzing industry insiders for any secrets, tips and advice for emerging designers.

''Kicking off the series is Becc Gray, director at Bloody Gray PR. Small, unconventional and on the BFC’s radar, Bloody Gray has become a network of creatives who nurture and help each other. “If one of my clients doesn’t know something, I put them in touch with another who’s gone through it… it’s simple really!” says Becc. Here are her 5 things that every designer should know:

Being a fashion designer is a long term investment - it’s not just about making pretty clothes and it doesn’t happen overnight. Always keep your eyes and ears open- you can never be too bold or too smart! Vauxhall Fashion Scout runs great mentioning programmes in PR, sales and production, where you can talk to industry experts and meet other emerging designers.

Don’t throw yourself into the marketplace before you know what you’re doing. If you don’t have the information to back yourself up, people will think you’re an amateur and their perception of you will stick…they’ll eat you up! Take it one step at a time and assess the market. Get yourself as clued up on production as possible before approaching people. Know what type of PR you want; buyers will watch you over a period of time to see if you are viable.

Know your target market and what are you trying to achieve. London is one of the hardest places to sell. It’s not the be-all and end-all, so consider other places such as Paris, Japan and New York. Every part of the world has a different market, for example, ready-to-wear sells well in the UK and prints sell well in Asia. Remember that life is not static and things change. What is right now may not necessarily be right next year, and what works in one market might not necessarily work in all. Don’t be arrogant. A lot of designers have great confidence in what they do, but it pays to test the market.
It is easy to lose yourself when it comes to retail. Hone your brand. If you have not established a substantial name for yourself, don’t branch into a diffusion line. This will also cheapen your brand, so how will other buyers perceive you afterwards?

Make connections with other designers. Create a community of people who want to help each other- you don’t have to cut everyone off. Open yourself up and don’t turn your nose up at people, because you live and you learn!''

Words: Jacqueline Anyanwu

Special thanks to Becc at Bloody Gray PR

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