Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Bloody Gray Love Jessie J!

We have had this girl on our radar for a while now.
Judging from the sheer amount of requests from her stylist and team, it's seems pretty clear that our Bloody Gray designers reflect her sense of style perfectly.

With a particular focus on designers such as Culietta, EG, Rachel Freire and TWO WEEKS by Bitching & Junkfood. Here at Bloody Gray HQ we foresee a bright future for Jessie J. From recently winning the BBC sound of 2011, being featured on red pages hot 100 and even having Justin Timberlake claim that she is 'the best singer in the world right now' Jessie is making waves in the music and fashion industry combined.

Here at Bloody Gray we are always supportive of new young talent. We look forward to working with her and watching her career flourish.

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  1. ..is she the hottest woman ever? Awesome super babe dominates 2012 Olympics!!